Northglenn Garage Door Repair: Manual Garage Door versus Electric Garage Door

Northglenn, CO technicians who work for Northglenn Garage Door Repair have gotten so many phone calls from customers wondering about the differences between manual and electric garage doors that they have put together some information which could be beneficial to people no matter where they might live. Whether you are looking to completely replace what you have, or are starting from scratch because you are just buying a property, you should find this information to be helpful. Maybe you are looking to upgrade your manual garage door. So, what are the key differences between automatic garage doors and manual garage doors? Why might one go for one over the other? Have a look at the pros and cons!


Installation tends to be challenging with an automatic garage door. Luckily, you will only need to carry out the installation one time, should everything go properly. And the other perk to this is that you can have an expert do the job – you should always have an expert do the job when it comes to the installation of the garage door and of its components. If you are a novice, then you are taking a risk if you try to install an automatic garage door on your own. It could take an expert a limited amount of time, but it might take a novice several days to complete the task. This might be time that you just don’t have.


Automatic garage doors tend to require more maintenance than a manual garage door will need. On the other hand, an automatic garage door should fare well when it comes to extreme weather conditions and potential weather related damage. Let’s say your garage door becomes completely saturated with water during a flood. So long as the garage door is ultimately wiped down and taken care of, it might not actually be destroyed, whereas another garage door might be. This of course also depends on the material that you opt to have.

Automatic garage doors must be properly lubricated. With proper lubrication, the garage door shouldn’t make noises like squeaking while opening or closing; the garage door should last longer; and lastly, the garage door should work faster. Without lubrication, it might over time start to open and close slower, or make loud, annoying noises.


A benefit to an automatic or electric garage door is that you can use a remote control to operate it. This is a huge benefit for many, and a requirement for some. You won’t ever have to get out of your vehicle to open or close the garage door. This is a huge selling point for some people. If you are dealing with harsh weather, then you will appreciate being able to stay in your car to open the garage door.


One additional perk to having an automatic garage door is that they tend to come with manual locking devices. Here is what this means for you. If you know that you will be going out of town for a few days, and no one will be around to check on your house, with a manual locking mechanism, you can rest assured that this part of your property is safely locked up.


Automatic garage doors and manual garage doors alike can both look beautiful. You have different options for both kinds of garage doors. In terms of looks, it all comes down to what your preferences are. Basically, you can still get the traditional look, even with newer garage doors which are indications of technological advancements.

So, let’s talk about some of the other key points you need to know if you are looking for a new kind of garage door. Here is a summary of points about automatic garage doors:

  1. They are difficult to install.
  2. They cost more money than manual garage doors.
  3. They require regular maintenance.
  4. Repairs can be costly.
  5. They are very convenient thanks to the remote control.
  6. They come in various styles, so you can pick and choose what you want.
  7. They are safer to use.

In terms of manual garage doors, you should know that:

  1. They are easier to install than automatic garage doors.
  2. They cost less money than automatic garage doors.
  3. They don’t require as much maintenance as automatic garage doors.
  4. They can be dangerous because they could come falling down on a child.
  5. They require a person getting out of their vehicle to lift them open.

What it comes down to is personal preference. If you want something cheaper and easier to install, then you might opt for a manual garage door. Most tend to go for automatic garage doors because they appreciate the convenience that comes along with how they operate, which outweighs the disadvantages of having to put more money into them, more maintenance, and more difficulty when it comes to installation. Those who have children usually tend to go for automatic garage doors because they are too afraid that the manual garage door might end up falling down on a small child. Let’s face it – kids play with everything, and they get into things that they aren’t supposed to. The last thing you want to have to witness is your child becoming trapped under a garage door. But if you don’t have kids, then this is something that you won’t really have to worry about. Bear in mind that the team at Northglenn Garage Door Repair is able to help people who are in and near Northglenn, Colorado. In summary, most people tend to opt for automatic garage doors because they find that the pros easily outweigh the cons, even if they will ultimately spend a bit more money.

Talking with an expert can help you to make the best decision for you. But it is our hope that the information provided here has been useful to you. Good luck in your search for the best type of garage door for your property. Remember that safety is a very important feature!


Author: Northglenn Garage Door Repair

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